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18 Steam Tools That You Might Not Know Exists

Do you use Steam only for digital games? If yes, then read this article. We’ll show you the coolest Steam tools you can use to have more fun with it!

No matter whether gaming, rummaging, or buying, for PC owners, no way leads more to Steam than to any place else. Of course, there are some big alternatives like Blizzards or Ubisoft’s Uplay, but the big player in the digital business is still the maker of the legendary game “Half-Life” — Valve. They use steam for ages, right? But did you know that there are plenty of steam tools that will make your shopping experience easier and fun?

Steam Tools
For example, useful tools such as the “Steam Sale Countdown” show you when the next sale is due, while the “Steam Customizer” allows you to change the interface design via template. Sometimes, however, it is only tricked, for example, when you see “Wasted Hours on Steam,” how many hours you have spent your time, or you can use the “Steam Game Gauntlet” to trigger your next game. Either way, you always have fun with Steam tools.

Enhanced Steam
Enhanced Steam is quite useful. Once you have installed the browser application, you will not only see the current price, but also all past ones when buying a game. In addition, you can see if your potential purchase is even cheaper elsewhere and the links are there too.

Wasted hours on Steam
Hours by hours, gamers are stuck in giant roller games or in online permanent burners. If you want to know exactly how many hours you’ve already “wasted” in the virtual world, simply enter your account name into the Wasted hours on Steam screen.

Steam Game Gauntlet
What a nonsense, but still funny! Steam Game Gauntlet generates a kind of wheel from all currently available Steam Games. Click, spin the wheel, and randomly choose one of the games that pop-up, but use this only if you cannot decide which game you should buy.

Steam Sale Countdown
Are you always looking for the latest Steam bargains and cannot wait to see it? The Steam Sale Countdown shows you with its constantly ticking digital pointer, when the next sale on Valves platform is pending.

Steam Trade Matcher
Steam collectibles like achievements can be earned by dumping your games. The Steam-trade matcher is a kind of trading card exchange. If you log into the Steam page, the system scans your cards for duplicate and compares them with cards from other gamers. Then you can initiate an exchange until your collection is possibly complete.

Steam library filter
With the Steam Library Filters, you arrange your Steam Games list according to all rules of art – genre, playtime, evaluation – here everything is possible!

Steam Inventory Helper
The Steam Inventory Helper browser enhancement makes Shopping, Buy & Co. on Steam much easier. In addition, you are always aware of your spending.

Steam coupons
Are you into discounts? Then take a look at Steam Coupons!

Steam DB Calculator
This site is really creepy; enter your Steam ID into the search mask of the Steam DB Calculator, the system spits the total sum of your purchases. And believe us, you really do not want to know this number.

Steam Customizer
You’ve got your nose full of the ever-same interface of Steam? Install the Steam Customizer and choose from a huge selection of user-generated templates that change the design.

How Long to Beat
You have no desire for long-lasting games or are you looking for just a short/simple game? Then you should see how long to beat feature. Simply enter your steam game into the database and the system will spit out the game hours.

FairSteam comes with a cool idea; install the browser plugin, the system drags gameplay videos of a game from YouTube and presents you next to those of the developer. So you can see directly what a game really looks like when played.

Bnet launcher
Do you want Steam and Steam only? The Bnet-launcher allows you to start all of Blizzard’s games via Steam. To do this, simply change the file extension after installing the program.

What Can We All Play?
Do you know the trophy comparison of the PlayStation Network? Here you can see which achievements your friends have and which games you both have. This is how What Can We All Play works. If you enter yours and the data of your Steam colleague, the program tells you which common games you have in the library. Then you can play together more easily!

Steam Library Manager (SLM)
With the “Steam Library Manager”, you can back up, restore, or move the data from your Steam game library to another directory. The program automatically enumerates all installed games and displays additional information such as cover image, memory consumption, ID, and last update date.

Pin Steam
With “Pin Steam,” you staple games from your Steam library as a live tile into the Start menu of Windows 10 and 8. The app lists all available games, including thumbnails, after registration. You can use the context menu to ping the desired entries as well as to edit the tile. Use graphics from other games or use your own pictures. You can also view your contacts as well as their online status as tiles. Note: For use, you need an active Steam account as well as the installed client.

Steam Cleaner
The “Steam Cleaner” searches and deletes unneeded file spaces left by game clients like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GoG. The tool automatically analyzes the corresponding directories after the start and lists all found entries including the path and size. By pressing a button, all data fragments are completely removed from the system after a confirmation. This means that several gigabytes of memory can be recovered/saved.

Steam Mover
“Steam Mover” moves the game folder of the gaming platform “Steam” to any hard disk. If you want to outsource certain games, because the space is scarce or because you want to install a new hard drive, this free tool can be used. Define an individual location for each game, and with one click, “Steam Mover” moves all selected titles. The software creates virtual links in the Steam folder so that the games can be started without any problems.

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