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20 Cool Gifts/Gadgets for Father’s Day

Whether simple or complex, men need technology that inspires them. We presents you with gadgets ready to be purchased as gifts for this year’s Father’s Day.

Whether in the garden, in front of the TV, or in sports, men are enthusiastic about strength and performance. We will show you 20 cool gadgets suited especially for tough guys. Not only does it make men’s heart beat faster, you’ll see 20 cool technology toys that can arouse the child in them.

Men’s gadgets – from eBike to gas grills
Men love it higher, faster, and farther. The first option is an eBike. To keep the iPhone battery charged for a long time, we will show the perfect mobile phone charger. You can also buy a drone and the best thing is that it does not even have to be expensive. Do you also belong to a family where grilling is more than just a holiday thing? We will show which model is best for grill use and which one has smart assistant.

Get the childhood memories back
Sit in front of the Carrera train for hours and you can imagine all kinds of cool stuff. This is not just fun for kids! A remote control can be used to control other gadgets. We will show you some cool robots.

The best gadgets for the best guys

1. Dyson 360 Eye
If the budget is little, you can still buy something that looks fancy and is good for use. Buy the vacuum cleaner robot Dyson 360 Eye. In the comparative test we did few days back, it clearly won out against ten other robotic competitors.

2. Genesis Grill
Luxury around the sausage, the Genesis II E-410 Gas Grill (Weber) leaves nothing to be desired. In the comparison test we did, Genesis came at number 1 out of 10 tested grills. Price for the grill is around 1000 US Dollars.

3. Mowing Champ
Sit down and buckle up in the fastest lawn mower in the world. The mottled Viking lawn mower of the T6 series holds the world record for being the fastest at up to 215 km/h over a race track. Maybe it is better that it is not available for the market :). Hobby Gardeners Resort to the more tranquil version of MT 6127 ZL with twenty House-Power. Price is around $5000.

4. For gaming dads
Passionate gamers looking for the right console may be right to go with a PlayStation 4 Pro. This pleasure is however expensive; You will have to pay around $400.

4K and HDR
High gaming and system performance
Comfortable HD replacement

No UHD drive
Can be relatively noisy
Relatively high power consumption

5. Cultivated and relaxed
eBikes from Sondors are not only fast but cheap too. It has only recently been announced that the bicycles are also coming to many parts of USA and also in Europe.

6. Wine Cabinet Fridge
Hobby sommeliers want to cool their wine to the perfect temperature. However, a good wine fridge is not a good bargain. The Bosch KTW18V80 Series costs approximately $700.

7. Navigator on the wrist
Casio’s new outdoor Smartwatch is equipped with GPS and offline maps. Despite energy-saving GPS, the new functions nibble neatly on the battery. Thanks to the fresh operating system Android Wear 2.0, the Play Store is located directly on the Smartwatch. However, for iPhone users, some functions, such as answering messages, are restricted.

One such product is the new Casio WSD F20
Test score: Satisfying 8/10

Lightweight housing
Card functions and GPS
Two-layer display
Time permanently readable
Robust and scratch-resistant
Waterproof up to 50 meters

Clunky design
Battery life is short
Restricted use with iPhone
No pulse sensor

8. Laptop Lego Case
Many in the adult age sometimes still longingly think of the Lego collection of earlier days; they should have great pleasure in the Brik Case. Large children [dads] will take the colorful building blocks to the office with the help of this invention. For around 58 dollars, it is a very cheap but good looking gift.

9. There is something on the ears
The Bluetooth headphones, Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless, surprise the audience with very deep bass. But it has no use in sports. Price is ~$300.

Product overview: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless
Test score: Good 7/10

Outstanding sound
Comfortable fit

Not sporty

10. And … Action!
The video quality of the GoPro Hero5 Black is of top notch, if not better than the previous Hero4 Black. However, the operability has improved significantly. The touchscreen on the back and the voice control contribute to this. Price is at $400.

Review: GoPro HERO5 Black
Test score: Good 7.8/10

Great video quality
Voice control
Without housing, up to 10 meters waterproof

Few accessories included
Screen menu is very small

11. Star Wars Fan
To get ready for a “Star Wars” DVD evening, you can get Darth Vader (about $25) or one of his White Storm-Troopers (about $30) on the table. They light up with their LEDs and are not only bright but also energy-saving.

12. For outdoors living men
The UE Boom 2 – Ultimate Ears is a gift for tough guys; they can withstand dirt, lie in the water for up to 30 minutes without damage, and are impact resistant. They are also available in different colors. Price is app $150.

Review: Ultimate Ears UE Boom 2
Test score: Good 8.1/10

30-minute waterproof to 1-meter depth
Shockproof up to 5 meters
Dirt and dustproof
Gesture control
Several devices can be coupled
Voluminous sound
18-hours battery life

A bit thin, bass-like sound
Charging time of almost three hours
No charging function for smartphones

13. To look around the corner …
Lazy Glasses – thanks to the built-in mirrors you lie relaxed on the couch or in the bed. It gives you the best view. Price is just around $15.

14. Longer Battery Time
Battery rarely last for more than two days. With a rechargeable battery cover, they provide twice the time; for example, the Apple Battery Case for the iPhone 7 (cost is around $100.)

15. Clean, man!
Grilling is often more than just a hobby among men; it is also like a sport. Full of passion, they use it not only in the summer for steak and sausage, but they use it all year long. But it is no fun however, to make the subsequent cleaning of the equipment. Good that now, the Grill Cleaning Robot can take over and do the cleaning for you. Price starts from $90.

16. Hands free for other things
Cowboys have their holster pistol; some men want a holster in which they can put their beer in. Beer holster cost varies depending on the brand you choose. Price starts from $15.

17. Beer Stuff!
Since the sale of Philips PerfectDraft 10 years ago, the compact beer dispensing system has not lost any of its success. No wonder, men really love their freshly tapped beer for the evening. Price starts at about $170.

18. Disco-Shirt
This t-shirt responds to music. Similar to a graphic equalizer, the bars also move in the garment. The louder the music and the bass, the higher the light columns. The LED shirt at Amazon costs around $40.

19. In another world
If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, or S8, the Gear VR can explore inexpensive virtual worlds. The VR glasses are convincing with uncomplicated installation, precise operation, and have a growing app variety. If you own one of the above smartphones, the Gear VR offers an impressive price-performance package for $60.

Review: Samsung Gear VR
Test score: Satisfying 7.2/10

Wireless operation
Impeccable detection of head movements
Precise touchpad control
Favorable price, if suitable mobile phone available

Pixel grid visible, blur on edges
Wear comfort in the long run is too uncomfortable
Forced pauses due to possible overheating

20. For those who want to go high in the skies
Good drones are expensive? Not necessarily; the most favorable test candidate turned out to be cheaper and easy to use. The Q165 Riot is agile and can be easily launched and landed by beginners. The handy remote control reacts very precisely and directly to commands; at the push of a button, it even can do a somersault. No camera is on board. Price is about $45.

Review: ACME zoopa Q165 RIOT (ZQ0166)
Test score: Good 8/10

Very agile and precise
Easy control
Quality processing

Moderate battery life
No camera available

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