Adobe Acrobat/Reader | Here’s what the new version has to offer

Adobe released new version of its PDF program; it not only fills some gaps, but also redesigns many features.
PDF users can look forward to some changes. On Adobe Patchday in November, not only the Flash Player is in the limelight, but also Acrobat Reader. Both programs have received updates that patch vulnerabilities, all of which are critical or important. For example, attackers were able to remotely execute malware on remote computers; all they needed to do was wait for the user to open malicious PDF documents.

Acrobat: Optimized and new features
The US software manufacturer Adobe not only has closed some of the security homes with these updates, it also revamps numerous functions. This includes inquiring about digital signatures in the Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC, which thanks to a revised user interface, should now be able to make its own statements much easier. Furthermore, they worked on the export functions of the software, so that they now work better with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel – especially when using tables.

PDF 2.0 on board
The latest version of the Firefox browser is now supported, while the text recognition feature (OCR) receives a redesigned user interface. The highlight, however, is that the new versions of the Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC are compatible with the second generation of the PDF format, which also brings new features – such as 3D measurement tools – with it.

Adobe Acrobat/Reader | New versions available
The new versions are now available free of charge for all Acrobat customers.

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