Alphabet is Selling its Robot Branch, Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics regularly impresses the audience with their curious robot designs. Now Google’s parent company Alphabet has announced that it is selling it to a Japanese company.

From the four-legged “Spot” to the two-legged “Atlas,” the running robots of the technology company Boston Dynamics are known world-wide thanks to their spectacular YouTube videos. The designs of the manufacturer are regarded as groundbreaking in robotics. Three and a half years ago, the company’s Alphabet bought this company in the hope of being able to produce marketable robots. However, the Google failure to do so has been seen as the reason for this sell-off. This probably is the main reason why Alphabet is now separating itself from Boston Dynamics.

As the Japanese mobile phone provider Softbank recently announced, it is taking over the robot-firm from Alphabet. The company has not given the price that it paid. Softbank sees the company’s products as the future of information revolution. Softbank has already been responsible for the assistance robot Pepper, which has been used since 2015 in private households, shops, and service facilities.

Plans unclear
It was not until 2016 that the Japanese company bought the ARM maker. What plans Softbank is pursuing with the takeover of Boston Dynamics remains unclear for the time being. Based in the US state of Massachusetts, the company has some of the most advanced running robot programs, which are especially useful in military scenarios.

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