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What annoying WhatsApp habit do you have?

Too much rambling, barely understandable Emoji hieroglyphs, or always sending a voice message reply? Everyone has annoying WhatsApp habits. Let’s see what kind of user you are…

In WhatsApp, everyone has their own concept of etiquette and correct behavior. Immediately write back, say just once, wait a little before replying, etc. Somehow, however, each person has a few unique habits. What annoying WhatsApp habits do you have?

What kind of WhatsApp user-type are you?

1.You have typed a message, what do you do then?
a. I check everything again and correct the error.
b. It does not matter, it has to get out quickly.
c. Oops, Sent the wrong emoji
d. I cannot type words in voice messages

2. How long does it take to reply to a message?
a. My Emojis always go out immediately
b. I need to have time to record a voice message
c. I must first find the perfect picture that fits the context
d. I always answer immediately
e. I have to think about what I am answering

3. How many messages do you write per day?
a. If I find many funny pictures or videos, then there are also many WhatsApp messages from me
b. Voicemail? I cannot count them all
c. A lot! Sometimes I send messages like a machine gun
d. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but the Emojis never come too short
e. Few, but with lots of content

4. What do you like least about your chat partners?
a. If I need to write a long answer/reply
b. If no emojis come back
c. If they send many messages with typing errors.
d. If they ignore my funny pictures.
e. When I have to read whole novels.

5. What are you talking about at WhatsApp?
a. I am talking about this and that, often because I’m bored.
b. I am sending funny things that I find on the web.
c. What, when, how, where; WhatsApp is my info source.
d. I like to discuss topics that move me.
e. I’m sending emojis to friends so they know I’m thinking of them.

6. Soon you will be able to recall messages, what do you think of it?
a. I find no need for it, I do not worry about what I write in the messages
b. Super – if the wrong Emoji goes to the boss, I can stop it
c. Much better, now I can delete them
d. This is great if I have to correct an error
e. I do not need to recall the pictures I send

For me, the bad habit is this: My messages often have typos.

And? Did you recognize yourself in the test? Or do you think one of your contacts is definitely one of the annoying WhatsApp types? Maybe you now have a little more understanding for their habits because everyone has some unique habits.

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