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British Airways: Normality endeavors after IT Chaos

Last weekend, British Airways suffered a huge breakdown in air traffic and numerous canceled flights. Now the waves of the British airline are slowly receding.

Hacker and cyber-attacks are not always the cause of technical problems, sometimes a failure in the power supply is enough. Thanks to a breakdown last weekend, huge disruptions occurred in the operation of British Airways, the largest British airline. On Saturday, the company even slashed all flights from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, causing thousands of passengers worldwide to suffer delays and flight failures.

Almost normal flight operation
Currently, British Airways is busy getting normality back into its timetable and appeasing customers – and uncovering the background to the problems. Sara who is familiar with this matter, talked about problems with the power supply, which ultimately led to a failure of the IT systems. Passengers all over the world, especially in Europe, felt this. This led to massive delays and failures in flights to other countries too including France, Malaysia, USA, etc. British Airways has decided to reimburse affected customers; they can either travel free of charge or get their money back.

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