Etihad Airlines | Passengers can now request free neighboring seats!

The airline Etihad Airways is now offering its customers the option to book free neighboring seats for more comfort. But there’s a catch…

On long journeys, passengers in the economy class want one thing, more space! Whether you are eating, sleeping, or reading a newspaper, in the tight seats of the “Normal class” everything is a real challenge. The Arabian airliner, Etihad, is now giving its customers a new option to enjoy more comfort on flights without having to purchase a business or first-class ticket. The “neighbor-free seat” program allows travelers to book up to three neighboring seats, depending on availability. So it is theoretically possible that you can have a whole row of seats to yourself.

Price is unknown
According to a media report, prospective customers must be on the neighboring seats. 32 hours before departure, you will find out if your bid was or wasn’t successful and that whether you will receive an extra charge for the vacant seats. Participants of the frequent flyer “the loyalty” programme “Etihad Guest” are preferred for the award. Etihad is silent about where the minimum bid for the additional charges lie. At this point, it remains completely unclear whether the investment in the additional seats is actually worthwhile or whether purchasing a business class ticket is ultimately the better option.

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