Free Electricity through CPU heating – News from France

Processors are there to give life to computers; now their area of use is to be expanded and in the future, they might play a role in being a source of heating.

If your PC has a black screen, then it could be the result of a missing processor. A heater without a processor, on the other hand, works perfectly, so far… Now, a French company wants to replace conventional heating means such as gas, oil, and electricity by processors. It may sound bizarre but if you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. We use air coolers and CPU water coolers to keep our processor’s temp under control, why not use this heat to harm our homes? The whole setup is to be made with locally installed radiators and by capturing the heat [which normally is a waste product of computing] from computers and also from small/large data centers.

Ryzen-Pro processors as heating devices
AMD is trying/applying/improving performance and security to its new Ryzen Pro processors, which obviously are benefits for professional PC users. But a French company, Qarnot, is puting AMD’s marketing concept on its head. It has plans to make heaters that are supposed to provide around 500 watts of heat. For this, they take three Ryzen-Pro processors and integrate them into a radiator. What else is needed? Electricity and internet connection, otherwise the system does not work. Meaning that the system works when the processors are in use. Anyone who is skeptical about the whole thing and fears that the price is horrendous, is wrong; the energy costs are completely covered by Qarnot. All users have to do is to obtain the free electricity.

Free electricity, does not sound like a good business model…
Free electricity sounds too good to be true? Qarnot has been thinking about this quite a bit. With the three integrated Ryzen Pro processors, the heating is no longer a mere heat supplier, but also a server. The cloud data center generated in this way is to be decentralized and to generate neat computing capacity/capability. And then the company markets/sells this computing power. The servers should work silently; the waste heat produced is passed directly to the outside wall via fans. At the beginning of 2018, a test/trial project is to be launched, in which 1,500 AMD processors will heat up social apartments and offices to their full capacity.

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