Richard Hammond Scrapes a Million Dollar Car and lives to tell the tale

The boys from “The Grand Tour” love fast car with a lot of horsepower; Richard Hammond drove the nobel electric car, from Rimac, the Concept One in Switzerland into a house. On the passenger seat, there was a guardian angel!

What began as a normal episode filming for the second season of Amazon Prime hit series, “Grand Tour,” ended in Switzerland for Richard Hammond in a crash in which his $1 million car burned out. No wonder colleagues were worried about Hammond. On Twitter, “The Grand Tour” Buddy Jeremy Clarkson writes: “This was the biggest and scariest crash I’ve ever seen. But luckily, Richard seems to be fine.”

Apparently, Richard Hammond only suffered a broken leg; unbelievable if you look at the completely destroyed Rimac car. Messages from the bedside confirm that Hammond is well. He definitely owes this to his guardian angel. After the crash, Hammond was able to climb out of the vehicle, which soon went up in flames. A video of the crash appeared a short time later on YouTube.

Action and fast Car
Fast cars, lots of action, slack Proverbs, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May are the pros behind “The Grand Tour.” The former “Top Gear” stars are filming the second season exclusively to be streaming on Amazon Prime service. It has been considered the most successful Amazon Prime series to date, with several million spectators who watched the very first episode and have continued to watch all the season. For the second season, the trio turned up again to shoot the second season of this hit series.

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