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HBO finishing cooperation with Amazon!

HBO has announced that they no longer provide content exclusively to Amazon; Prime customers are getting disappointed.

Soon, HBO series like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” at Amazon Prime are, probably, going to vanish from the menu because the US television program provider HBO does not want to extend the exclusive contract with Amazon after the end of 2018. According to sources familiar with this business, Amazon has paid 240 to 301 million US dollars to HBO in the four years contract after their first broadcast that started in 2014.

Competition for HBO Now
When HBO and Amazon concluded the contract in 2014, Amazon did not have any of their own production yet – that has changed now and things are looking much different today. With “Manchester by the Sea,” the company even got two Oscars in February. Now HBO will probably focus more on its own video-on-demand platform. There would obviously be all HBO content of the past 30 years to offer, so Amazon Prime would be a direct competition.

Amazon Prime customers are unlucky
Originally, Amazon would negotiate the contract because of hit successful series like “Game of Thrones.” After the three-year period, this series should also be available at Amazon Prime. But with an end to the contract in 2018, “Game of Thrones” will not make to Amazon Prime menu. This is the reason why the Amazon Prime customers are particularly concerned about whether they should move to HBO video on demand service or to stay with Prime.

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