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Explosive Heating Costs? Solution: change the gas supplier/exchange

Heating your house with gas or oil equipment has become more expensive. A three-to-four head family had to pay 12% more money in bills in the past winter season.

As the consumer portal SUBG has calculated, consumers with gas heating between November 2016 and April 2017 paid an average of $1025 more, with a consumption increase of 18,520 kilowatt hours (kWh.) Consumers with an oil heater paid $1125 more. This means that both sources of energy are priced at roughly the same level, a situation that existed previously somewhere around 2008.

Fuel has become significantly more expensive
The reason for this, above all, is a sharp increase in the cost of heating oil. It’s price has increased 35% percent more than a year ago, consumers have to pay a lot more money now. On average, gas customers pay only 4 percent more. Heating with gas in the past, consumers were paying slightly more money, 2.6% more. By way of comparison, gas still consumed a good 40 per cent more than heating oil in last two years. This gap is now closed.

Gas a little cheaper…
The reason for the sharp rise in oil prices is mainly due to the increase in the price of the brent crude oil. This trend is followed by fuel oil. On the other hand, gas has become somewhat more favorable. The SUBG consumer price index gas averaged 7.55 cents during the last two years; while in the summer season in the same period, it was 4.63 cents per kWh.

Another reason why gas customers have to pay more than what they were paying in the previous, this year was due to the comparatively low temperatures in the months of December, November, and even in May in some region. The people simply needed heating for longer and longer time.

Change the gas supplier
If you as a gas customer do not want to see a further increase in average prices, then you can reduce your gas bill right away with a change of the gas supplier. As SUBG has calculated, a three to four head family with an annual consumption of 18,520 kWh can save an average of 550 US Dollars per year in this simple way!

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