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Espionage: Israel’s Secret Service Puts Pressure on Kaspersky

Did Russian hackers use Kaspersky to spy on the US? New details from Israel now put pressure on the company.

At the beginning of September 2017, the US Senate told all federal authorities to stop using Kaspersky security software. At that time, the Homeland Security ministry suspected that the company is cooperating with Russian intelligence services. Thus there is a risk that the Russian government could exploit the access to Kaspersky products to compromise information systems of the US authorities. The corporate headquarters of Kaspersky in Moscow reacted indignantly to the accusations.

Kaspersky affair: References from Israel
The accusations against the Russian IT security firm seem to be based on intelligence from the Israeli Secret Service, now reporting by the New York Times. This was disclosed that Kaspersky Systems were hacked in 2014 and found evidence that Russian secret services used Kaspersky’s servers to access computers and to aggressively search for US secrets. The Israeli spies have supplied evidence in the form of screenshots and documentation to the NSA, citing a person who is familiar with this matter.

There were no more concrete details. Kaspersky affirmed in a reaction that they never helped any government in committing Cyber-espionage. Technically, the Russian intelligence service could have exploited vulnerabilities in Kaspersky software without direct cooperation from the company or infiltrated agents with the viruses. Founder Eugene Kaspersky announced an internal investigations.

The political background
The relationship between the US and Russia is not as bad as it has been for a long time. In recent weeks, a dispute has been raised between the two countries for diplomatic missions. The triggers were the new sanctions for the United States against Russia. This were imposed by the government of President Donald Trump after the Congress repeatedly urge to do this. The Senate and House of Representatives also wanted to punish Kremlin for the alleged Russian influence on the presidential election. U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Moscow of being behind hackers attacking the Democrats ‘ computers during the election campaign.

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