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Logitech MX Ergo – The trackball is making a comeback

The trackball seems to be back… Logitech is bringing it back with the new Trackball MX Ergo Mouse to attack the competitive mice and touchpads of this world. But is it possible for this new mouse to attract gamers?
The Logitech MX Ergo can be individually adjusted to the user’s (right) hand.

Dead are said to not come to life, but that does not seem to be the case of trackball, an alternative input device to mouse, touchpad, and consoles. You do not know the trackball? They use a kind of mouse, which does not move, but usually remains fixed at one point. In order for the cursor to come from A to B, the user rolls a ball, called trackball, with the thumb. Sounds fun right? It enjoyed great popularity for a sometime. Logitech is now releasing a new trackball with the MX Ergo model, which also relieves you physically. However, left-handers will be disappointed. The MX Ergo is aimed exclusively at right-hand users; with the left hand, it is simply not possible to operate it.

It has a recharge time of up to four months. The angle of the MX Ergo is steplessly adjustable up to 20 degrees. According to Logitech, this mouse helps users by reducing the load on their hand, unlike normal mice, up to 20 percent less. You can also use few keys to adjust the cursor speed and sensitivity. Logitech’s in-house software also connects two devices simultaneously, allowing simultaneous work across multiple computers. The MX Ergo is available in the company’s online store for approximately $120.

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