Modern Keyboard: Microsoft presents keyboard with fingerprint sensor

A key feature of this new keyboard is that it offers a biometric sensor for unlocking PCs. In addition to its worldwide-used software, Microsoft is also known for desktop accessories such as mice and keyboards.

The latest gadget is a Modern Keyboard that offers an integrated fingerprint reader. What is so special about this you ask? Well, Microsoft has implemented the fingerprint sensor inside a new key, which is located between the ALT and Control keys. Thus, a computer in a state of rest can be woken up and unlocked, by simply placing your finger on the key.

Wireless or wired
In addition, the Modern Keyboard offers a number of function keys as well as a numeric block. It can be connected either by a wire or wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you choose the second option, two AAA batteries supply the keyboard with power. According to Microsoft, the modern keyboard is compatible with various operating systems including Android, iOS, and macOS. Visually, the keyboard corresponds to the so-called surface keyboard. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard is now available for approximately $130.

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