New factory in USA; Foxconn financing, Trump is Happy

LCD screens are also expected to come from a planned plant in the US state of Wisconsin. 10 billion US dollars and thousands of jobs are expected to help US economy grow even further.

If Trump decides to do something, it usually does not happens 🙂 at least, as far as the theory is concerned. The US president recently announced the construction of a factory for LCD screens in Wisconsin, and immediately realized that if he had not been chosen as the President of USA, Foxconn would probably not be investing 10 billion dollars.

Foxconn and Trump
At the White House promulgation, Scott Walker, the reigning republican governor, whose reelection is due in 2018, said the average wage should be $53,000, and the capacity of the factory would be 13,000 new jobs. This sounds like a lot, but Trump has guaranteed the fact that at least the first 3,000 are reserved for American workers. The company Foxconn itself spoke of a total of 3,000 jobs with a possibility of a higher number, but did not go into further detail. After all, it will give the impression that Trump succeeded in fulfilling one of his election promises by creating new jobs. In 2020, the factory will be finished.

Made in USA?
Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that has manufactured technical devices for Apple, Google, and Amazon in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. As early as 2013, Foxconn planned to establish itself in the US, promised 30 million US dollars and 500 jobs. The construction of the factory in Pennsylvania, however, did not materialize. In addition to financing from the Taiwanese company, a further $ 3 billion will be used to finance government aid. Trump sees the new factory as a great day for everyone who pays tribute to the “Made in the USA” slogan.

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