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Attention! Phishing/Scam Emails In Circulation

The flood of scam emails does not seem to stop, ever. Now it is also targeting users who are using online banking services. In this latest wave of attack, the scammers ask information from customers and if they don’t give the required info, they are supposed to give a certain fee.

Currently, a sea of counterfeit/fake/scam e-mails is trolling through the internet world. In all of these mails/letters, scammers are trying to get hold of your personal information in order to earn money by stealing it from you. Only a few days ago, it hit Netflix and the delivery services like DHL and UPS. Now some savings banks are also affected. The fake mail allegedly requires a confirmation from you. This is a trap, however, and you should never click on any links!

Do not click on the link!
These new e-mails look deceptively real, but rest assured, they are %100 fake. For “security reasons,” a confirmation of your data is required; this is what the email says. And if you do not comply with the request, it threatens a fee of about $55. An attached link takes you to a homepage where you can enter your credential/ID and the PIN. Do not do that! Never, Ever…
If you receive such an e-mail and have doubts, contact your bank’s Customer Service. On the official website, the bank informs you about phishing and other security threats. If you really want to check your account, then simply open it in your browser by manually typing its website address. Do not use the links inside emails.

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