Review of the new Fritzbox 7430 – WLAN router

You can get a brand new FritzBox-7430 for less than 100 Dollars. But why is it so much cheaper than the top performing model 7490? This review will explain what you have to know as a user.

Results of the Test Conclusion
The 7430 model is okay for users who want a cordless telephone and use telephone a lot. However, WLAN is only available at 2.4 GHz, with unimpressive speed!

Ok WLAN speed at 2.4 GHz
Cordless telephone base built
Easy handling

No WLAN on 5 gigahertz
Only connectors for analog telephones
LAN sockets support only 100 Mbps

A quick glance at the equipment list shows the following features: VDSL modem (up to 100 Mbps), cordless telephone, WLAN – etc. But a second glance reveals a few short comings of this latest router. The most important one is that Wi-Fi in the Fritzbox 7430 has the common standard, and it only works with 2.4 gigahertz frequency band. Because the option of 5 Gigahertz is completely missing, 7430 can only reach the data transfer rate [in our tests] 95 megabits per second (Mbps.) Compared to the peak values ​​of routers with the latest ac-WLAN technology, this is not much, but the wi-fi penetrated quite well through the walls of our test environment. After going through the third wall, the data rate was still 22 Mbps. This is enough for watching movies in HD. If you do not have many WLAN devices in your home network, you will be able to live with these restrictions.

Slow LAN jacks
Not quite so nice is that the network sockets of 7430 only work at 100 Mbps and not in the brighter 1-Gigabit mode. This has a huge effect when, for example, a computer connected to it via LAN cable, to backup or transfer other data on a network hard drive. Another drawback is that the Fritzbox has only a single USB port and also only in slow USB 2.0 mode. USB hard disk and printer cannot be connected at the same time.

Telephone functions
For the telephone, 7430 has a socket with TAE connection on the right side as well as a RJ58 socket at the rear – for example for analog telephones, fax devices, or IP telephones. The connection of up to six cordless telephones to the built-in DECT base was done effortlessly in our test. An answering machine for five numbers is also available, which off course is praiseworthy. Telephony according to the usual SIP standard is possible and worked flawlessly.

Easy handling
The 7430 is AVM typical and easy to use. It keeps itself updated with automatic update function. The actual manual on paper is not much, but is certainly enough for those who have ever set up a router. Well, the Fritzbox offers good value despite its restriction to 2.4 GHz WLAN. It allows visitors access to the Internet without having to give a free pass for their home network.

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