Samsung HMD Odyssey: Glasses for mixed reality presented

Together with Microsoft, numerous technology companies have developed headsets for mixed reality. Samsung just introduced its model recently.

Virtual reality is a big topic of the year. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift kicked off the trend to immerse themselves in other [virtual] worlds. Now Microsoft also wants to jump on this train. Instead of developing a headset, the company prefers to make the software and lets other technology companies work on the hardware. Among them is Samsung, who recently introduced their first glasses for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR.)

Samsung HMD Odyssey: Sharp Displays installed
The MR glasses are called HMD Odyssey and offers everything that Samsung has specialized in over the past decades. Especially, the built-in displays shine brightly with a high resolution of 1440×1600 pixels [per eye.] Two 3.5 inch AMOLED panels are used for this purpose. The users look through Fresnel lenses on the displays, which is supposed to allow a field of view of 110 degrees. For comparison: The Oculus Rift also offers a 110-degree field of view, but only with 1080×1200 pixels per eye.

Position determination without sensors
Current VR eyeglasses require numerous external sensors and cameras for the spatial determination of the carrier, the HMD odyssey comes without such helpers. Two cameras are installed in the headset itself. They recognize the environment and, together with acceleration and tilt sensors, provide a precise determination of the position on six axes. The glasses do not only know in which direction the users look, but also whether they move forward, back, down, up or to the side. In addition to the illustrated picture, the 3d sound also adapts accordingly, which comes from the built-in headphones of the AKG brand.

Installation and Market launch
The Samsung HMD Odyssey is designed to work without complicated and extensive installation – like all headsets for Windows mixed reality. Users only have to unpack and connect the glasses. Windows recognizes the device as a MR Headset immediately and is ready to display videos, interactive content, and games. From October 3, 2017, Samsung’s HMD Odyssey can be pre-ordered in the USA. The price is 499.99 dollars. The delivery is scheduled to begin on November 10, 2017. The glasses are available in the USA, China, Korea, Brazil, and Hong Kong. It is not known whether and when further markets will follow.

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