Skype was Offline – Servers Down

Skype was offline; users worldwide complained that the chat service was not working. Meanwhile, the network has recovered.

At last, there is peace after a big storm. Slowly but surely, the Skype servers seems to have recovered. Restarting the app will return access to the service. Currently, the connection to Skype is easy, but the new registration may take a little longer. Regular users will eventually want to get back on board, so that is going to add additional pressure on the servers. Current downside is that messages are not delivered or they are showing up after a long delay, possibly because the servers are busy. Skype has not provided any information about the cause.

You can download Skype from a variety of safe and trusted websites including the official site. If you are using Skype for the first time, then you will need to create an account at the beginning. Enter the necessary information and click Next; it launches a program wizard that will familiarize you with Skype in four steps.

In the program window you see your personal icon with your Skype name, for example “Testing.” Click on the green button with the telephone handset icon. After a few seconds, you would hear a recorded voice from the Skype server. This means that the software is configured correctly and ready to use.

To check whether the software has correctly detected your webcam, choose Options from the Actions menu. In the Options window, click Video settings on the left. After that you will see if “Skype video” is activated and your webcam is selected in the appropriate popup menu. If necessary, correct both settings. If the image quality of the video preview is bad, click Webcam settings and optimize the settings. To finish, save your changes.

Before you start a video call, include the desired person in your contact list. In the Skype window, under the My Contacts tab, click Add Contacts.

Enter the name you are looking for. Skype will automatically suggest a list of eligible members. You select the desired call partner and click Add Skype Contact. You can then enter additional address details in another window. Now you see your contact in the Skype window. Select it and click the Green phone icon.

First, a telephone conversation without an image is achieved. To see each other, click Start My video at the bottom of the window. Now you see the video image of the other person and your own in a small window underneath.

If the video image displayed is too small, you have two options to enlarge it; drag the Skype window or change the image size by mouse. There is an option to make the video appear as full screen. The first option opens a new window with the current video image size, the second one maximizes the video to the entire monitor surface.

Why was Skype offline?
What happened? The messenger service apparently, in large parts of the world, failed. This was reported by Skype on the company page and the service was showing an error. The login was not possible, only in a few exceptions, users gained access to the network. Telephony and chat functions were thus largely broken. The number of users affected by the malfunction is unclear.

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