Traffic system for drones

More and more companies and people are discovering their fascination with drones. But to prevent problems, the British government and NASA are working on a tracking system for civilian flying objects.

As the Telegraph reports, the British government wants to respond to the increasing air traffic through civilian drones. According to the current plans, commercial drone pilots will in the future record their flight data for routes at altitudes below 150 meters into an online database. In order to implement the project, the responsible British Ministry of Transport is in contact with the US space agency NASA. Until the system is fully operational, however, it is likely that some time will go by, after all, it is necessary to build up such a traffic system for drones and to test them extensively.

Drones overload airspace
In the US, the government is already working with companies like Verizon, Google, and Amazon on a similar system. The system is expected, at the earliest 2019, with full operational readiness. The first test run is planned for 2017. Responsible for the commitment of the public safety, authorities say they are worried about the explosive increase of drones in the civilian sector. The announcements of Amazon, DHL & Co. should also play an important role in the future for drones for the delivery of parcels.

More safety
Such a system promises to better control the dangers associated with drones. Thus, in the recent past, reports of near-clashes between drones and aircraft are piling up. In particular, the airspace over urban areas threatens to overload. The task of the planned transport system is therefore to monitor the utilization of the running space, while also keeping an eye on external factors, such as the weather.

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