Update for Windows RT tablets brings launch menu

The production of cheap Windows RT tablets was stopped by Microsoft already in the spring. For RT users, however, there is an important update.

Update (September 16, 2016): Microsoft provides update for Windows RT 8.1

Microsoft has distributed Windows RT 8.1 with several updates. One of these is “Windows RT 8.1 Feature Enhancement” with the knowledge base entry KB 3033055. Most important innovation of this update – with this RT you get a start menu, similar to that of Windows 10. Tablet users have the choice afterwards, however, at the start to choose the screen-filling window or the start menu. The corresponding switch is inserted in the Windows settings. A complete move to Windows 10 is not possible with RT tablets. That had been reported by Microsoft several months ago.

Original Article
Windows RT is on the way to a black-hole. The ARM tablets for which this version of Windows is made are no longer being created. Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung have already withdrawn from the market, now it was Microsoft that was left alone. The production of the last Windows RT tablet – Nokia Lumia 2520 – has finished/stopped as Microsoft confirmed. Last week, the group had already announced that the Surface 2 RT is a discontinued model. The devices were a fail anyway and brought Microsoft billions losses. The Surface Pro 3 sold significantly better.

Future of software uncertain
There will be no full update of Windows 10 for the Windows RT version. The software giant had announced this a few days ago. Nevertheless, they do want to add some of the new Windows-10 features in the form of an update to the RT variant. Which of these features they are talking about is still unclear. The major disadvantage of RT is that only apps can be installed from the Windows Store and that the full desktop mode is missing. The fact that not every Windows program could work on RT tablets had caused discomfort among experts and ordinary users.

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