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WhatsApp Fake/Scam Chain Letters – Death Threat is a new one

A cruel voice message is spreading as a WhatsApp chain letter on many schoolyards. It threatens with murder and describes it too. Children and parents are shocked.

Especially among children and young people, a particularly brutal WhatsApp chain letter is spreading. The recipients receive a death threat as a voice message. Something similar already existed in the autumn of 2016, when addressees were asked to forward the message to at least five contacts within five minutes. The current case is even more disturbing, because this time the voice not only announces the murder, but also describes it too.

At 05:45 clock, I will kill you in a brutal way. You’ll bleed to death. I will drink your blood, eat your bones, and much more. And the next day when you are already dead, your parents will then brutally and harshly be killed by me.

The police are warning people about this message and asks parents for help. If your child has received such a message, delete the audio file immediately and talk to the child. Explain to them why this troublesome chain letters are fake and nonsense, because they are more frequently found on WhatsApp, so it is better to talk to your child.

Warning against WhatsApp Gold: Classic Fake News!
Already for several years, there has been a warning of “WhatsApp Gold”, an extended version of the messenger. Currently, this message is seen again more frequently and it gives the recipient the impression that he has to protect himself from a Trojan.

Although there was a WhatsApp Gold version years ago and it offered more functions than the current WhatsApp messenger, but now the company does not sell the golden version any more. Probably, the chain letter is an old criminal, who already circulated such messages before and is again confusing many WhatsApp users. To put an end to the spook, we recommend that you Ignore the warning and do not forward the chain letter to any of your contacts. It is only in this way that the message will disappear.

Precursor lured with update on WhatsApp Gold
There is another chain letter that ask you to update the latest version of WhatsApp Gold. If you receive this message, Ignore! The malware app attracts users of WhatsApp to features such as video chat, new emojis, and self-deleting messages. But the Fake software does not do what it promises, and brings fraudulent malware to your smartphone. If you click on the link, you will not land on the Google Play Store, but on some spam external website. Here you can download the Fake app, but if you do this, your smartphone is infected with an Android virus that spies on private data. WhatsApp is only available in one version; there is neither a premium edition nor a version with VIP status. Ignore lures of any kind and download only the official WhatsApp version!

Spam message with iPhone contest
In another chain letter case, users receive from one of their contacts a redirected message with the text “Eyyy! Look!” The accompanying link allegedly leads to a profit game for a new iPhone 7. As domain is wrongly displayed as, but who clicks on the link, does not land on Apple’s website, but on the site of fraudsters. There the user has to give answer in a survey to three questions, to supposedly win a brand new iPhone 7. If the questions are answered, the chain letter suggests that you are the lucky winner. But now comes the catch; you can only get the iPhone if you forward the message to at least ten people. By now, it should be crystal clear that this is a deceptive system and not a prize scheme from Apple. Therefore, our suggestion is that you do not participate in this or any other fake contests. It is only intended to access your personal data to bombard you with spam and phone calls in the future. Because this is exactly what you have allowed the fraudsters with the participation in the Fake-Contest.

Donation for blind baby
In addition to the raffle, deceivers also try to circulate chain letters with a fake donation campaign. This also haunted the users last year. Users receive the image of a supposedly blind baby, both from unknown and from personal contacts. The photo comes with the request to spread the message and the promise that WhatsApp will donate a money for a child’s operation for each sharing. This message is a fake should be obvious. Neither is WhatsApp able to capture the number of shared messages, nor is there an official fund raising campaign. An immediate danger does not appear from the chain letter; it contains neither a link nor a virus. You should not share it anyway, because criminal intentions may still be behind the spread. In any case, it is a lie that you should not support.

Porno sites instead of romantic emoticons
Such chain letters are a persistent problem for WhatsApp users. Recently, “romantic emoticons” lured the users on a wrong track. This chain letter also arrives to your phone by unknown persons or by your contacts, but this time, it seemed like a harmless reference to some new smiley graphics.

There are reports of differently designed WhatsApp messages, but all at least contain text like “So sweet !!” and a link. You do not get any new graphics for chats. Instead, the victim lands in subscription traps, on porn pages, or pages that add loads malicious programs on the mobile phone.

Regular new chain letters
At the beginning of January this year, thousands of messages were sent, usually with a warning of the contact “Someone.” Affected persons will get the following text “Please tell all the people in your contact list that they should not accept the contact “Someone.” This is a virus that destroys the entire hard drive and pulls down the data when one of your contacts calls you; you friend can also be affected because it scans through your contact list. If you get a call from the number 01719626509, do not answer it. It is a hacker and it will also affect all your contacts. Whoever receives this text should above all do one thing, that is to delete the message and do not forward it. Because the entire content is nonsense.

WhatsApp paid? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!
Another chain-letter madness; for several months now, the news is around that WhatsApp is soon to become a payable service. The skepticism of the sender is already certain; the author is someone called “Jim Balsamico”, who say he is the CEO of WhatsApp, which is nonsense, because the real CEO is Jan Koum. Who does not forward the message to ten contacts, is supposed to shell out $1 in future. Other versions of the chain letter even speak of sums up to $20. This is also nonsense; WhatsApp remains free for now. Similar fake news has emerged for Facebook messenger users too.

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