WhatsApp is Bringing New feature for Emoji lovers

WhatsApp is apparently soon releasing a handy feature for anyone who uses many chat symbols. What the Messenger can do soon, read below.

Shoulders, Facepalm, Peace Signs – The number of Emoji at WhatsApp has grown immensely since the start of the app. Since the symbol update with different skin colors, more than 1,000 different chat icons can now be sent. If you want to use a new Emojis, which is not in the list of the most used, look for different categories to get a certain symbol. But this will soon no longer be an issue. In a WhatsApp beta, a user has discovered a search function for Emojis.

WhatsApp: Emoji search by keywords
On a Twitter account, there is a picture from an Android beta version of the messenger leaked. This shows a new search function for finding certain chat symbols. There you can search for a keyword – for example, “hand” – and then find suitable Emojis under the search field. It does not seem necessary to know the exact name of an Emojis for the search. If you enter “Hand,” you will also see symbols that do not appear in the name of the keyword like for Star Trek, “Live long and prosper.” When this feature will be available to all users, it is unclear. It often takes from the first appearance of a beta version to be released after few months. However, there is the new Emoji search feature in the web version of WhatsApp already.

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