Windows 10 Lean: New version coming?

Microsoft is already working on the next update for Windows 10 – and probably also on another version of the operating system!
While users have been waiting for more than two weeks for the Redstone 4 update for Windows 10 popularly known as “Spring Creators Update,” it seems like Microsoft is also working on another major update for its operating system. Apart from small bits of information, details about the new version, which is expected to come in autumn 2018, was not yet known. Now a Twitter user is speaking about a new variant of the operating system into play. It was discovered by the user when he wanted to install the latest build, which was previously accessible only to the insiders/employees.

Stripped down version: Windows 10 lean
There are many details about the Windows version that has now been discovered. For example, it is known to have the name “Windows 10 lean” and is 2 gigabytes (GB) smaller than the currently available home and Pro version of the operating system. The storage space is apparently saved by the lack of desktop backgrounds and pre-installed apps and games. In addition, the Registry Editor has been completely removed. The otherwise supplied drivers for CD and DVD drives must be manually downloaded if necessary. In fact, Windows 10 lean is a stripped-down version of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

The concept is not completely new: In May 2017, Microsoft presented a stripped-down version of its current operating system in response to Google’s Chrome OS in Windows 10 S. At the end of March 2018, however, the Redmond group reintroduced it due to the growing confusion in the market and instead introduced the so-called “S mode” for all versions. This is due to the fact that, once activated by the computer manufacturer, it only allows the installation of the software from the Windows store. And this is where the difference to Windows 10 lean is visible: the now-emerging version of the operating system also allows software that does not originate from the Windows store.

Operating system for special purposes
So far, Microsoft has never mentioned the new edition of the operating system. As a result, it is difficult to assess whether lean is actually ever on the market or whether it is just a trial version. It may also be a version of Windows XP Embedded that is intended for special devices and machines. In most cases, they only need an operating system that runs a very special software that can dispense with more advanced features.

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