Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 is Now Available for Download

Ashampoo takes its popular tuning software to the next level. The WinOptimizer 15 offers a general overhauled look and is now available for download.

In the course of time, waste inside computer grows increasingly. Data garbage, fragmentation, and unnecessary auto-start programs are among the worst braking factors. The WinOptimizer 15 promises to be remedied by targeted maintenance. It offers a completely revised interface, which is intended to help the user reach their goal even faster. In addition, there is a new assistant for the optimal use of SSD hard drives.

Brand new operating concept
Those who know the previous versions of the WinOptimizer will notice the new look at the first launch of version 15, because the previous three large tiles “clean up,” “optimize,” and “protect” on the main screen are gone. Instead, there are now four major elements; after analyzing your PC, you will see how many megabytes of data [waste] the tool has found, how many system errors it has identified, how many risks to your privacy, and how many places the performance of the PCs can be optimized. Completely new is also the outline of the program. Instead of in tabs at the top of the window, the program functions are now sorted into symbol buttons in a sidebar on the left in the program window. In this way, the use of the program should be more intuitive and faster.

SSD Assistant
Solid State Discs (SSDs) work differently than traditional mechanical hard drives. This is why WinOptimizer 15 is using the new SSD Wizard. It displays the basic settings of your SSDs and allows you to disable Windows functions, which are unnecessary or even harmful in the case of an SSD. This includes, for example, automatic defragmentation, which does not increase the speed of SSD disks, but rather shortens the lifetime.

Many improvements under the hood
In addition to the obvious changes, the manufacturer has also improved a lot, which cannot be seen at first sight. For example, many of the familiar features in the new version work faster. The cleaning functions now remove and eliminate much more data waste, the duplicate finder, and the tool for the rescue of accidentally deleted files have been reworked. The hard drive tools also come with the file system ExFat and with extremely large partitions on current drives. How much these changes are noticeable in the daily routine of tuning, try the free test version yourself. The program runs under Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista. The trial version is available for ten days. For the full version, the cost is around $49; owners of the previous version can pay only ~$14.

The slightly older but also powerful Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2017 [the fill version] is available to you for free. If you do not want to spend any money, then this free tuning collection is a great offer. Compared to the WinOptimizer 15, it is not possible to manage restore points, the SSD wizard, and the defragmentation function for the Windows registry. You also have to do without the duplicate finder and the data ripper in this free version.

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